Thursday, 15 February 2018

Meet Happy

So a few of you will recognise Happy from our January Monthly Make stamp set but not only do we have a couple of the full stamp set still available but FUNKY FLOWERS - Happy now comes as a smaller stamp set too!

This is one of my go to demos at the moment, it is quick (as I know you lovely ladies and gents don't want to be stuck listening to my dulcet tones for too long!) it covers so many techniques and most of all it looks fabulous!

And as promised here is a quick recipe on how its done....

First up choose a couple of Distress Oxides for your background (this can be done in normal Distress Inks too - but that is for another day!). I used salty ocean, peacock feathers and wilted violet. Start by applying areas of the palest colour peacock feathers, be sure to apply this really heavy to get the best contrasts.   

Then the next salty ocean

And finally wilted violet, I also ran wilted violet around the edges and gently over the other colours too!

Spritz the TEXTURES - Cracked stamp with water until the stamp is covered. Stamp this onto the coloured background, be careful when lifting it up not to let the water all run to one edge of the stamping block. Blot off the excess water using kitchen roll.

Repeat this all over the background. Leave this to dry or blast with your heat gun.

Around the edge of the coloured background stamp small parts of the TEXTURES - Cracked using peacock feathers to create a frame around your card. Leave to dry.

Making sure the background is dry stamp FUNKY FLOWERS - Happy and the saying onto the background using Archival Ink. Make sure the ink is dry then paint using peeled paint, spiced marmalade and candied apple Distress oxides.

Matt this onto black card, then onto the base card, simple, elegant, beautiful......... 

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Lets talk Distress Oxides. Part 3.....

Slightly later than I had planned, but after nearly 5 days stuck in bed with some awful bug (gee thanks for that one kids!) I will give this a whirl!

So where were we ah yes this little beauty...

I just love this effect, it is so easy and so versatile! All you need is Distress Oxides, spritzer/water, a paint brush (and a stamp or two!).

So here goes, start with a plain piece of white card and trim it so it is 2 cm smaller than your finished card. Then start to add your colours, I started with the palest colour first, salty ocean then seedless preserves and wilted violet (i think these are the colours!). I added them in random patches all over the piece of card making sure to apply very thickly.

Using your background stamp I used our Splat stamp. Spritz the stamp so it is wet but not dripping! Stamp onto your card leave in place for a couple of seconds - if you are using a clear stamping block you can see the water doing its thing - So fab!! lift the stamp off and dab your piece of card, keep doing this until you are happy with your background.

Yes you can second generation stamp with the water BUT 1) it wont remove as much ink (looks good though) and 2) remember Distress Oxides like to contaminate (they are messy monkeys!) so you will transfer some of the colour you have just removed.

Make sure your background is dry and stamp your image I used our Amazing Funky Flower using black Archival Ink.

When the flower is dry, using a paint brush and water "paint" the flower blotting it with kitchen roll until you are happy with your finished image.

Can you tell I have lost a photo - Whoops!!!

Then stamp your sentiment and mount it onto a black piece of card and then onto your base card. really simple to do but wow you can create some stunning effects, I used 3 Oxides but it works just as well using 2.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Let's talk Distress Oxides Part 2....

So who wants to make this card?????

Again this is soo easy to do but takes no time at all!!!

First up I trimmed an A5 piece of white card down by 2cm on each side so my piece ended up 13.5cm by 20cm. 

I always use heavy weight card about 300gsm! Why? well I am a messy crafter I love to throw lots of inks, paints, anything really at my cards and I want to know it isn't going to buckle of worse if its a card not stand up, so I use 300gsm when and where I can. But that being said each card blend is different and you will have your preferences too! So I guess what I am trying to say is you will find what works best for you and your style - I hope that helps!

Next I chose my colours I went for fossilized amber, wild honey, cracked pistachio and for contrast on the flower peeled paint and seedless preserves.

I then stamped the Mini Distressed square Poly Plate in fossilized amber about an inch in from the top and left hand side. I cleaned my stamp (make sure you remove all ink as Distress Oxides will contaminated really easily!), then I stamped the wild honey and finally cracked pistachio.

Next I spritzed some water into the palm of my hand and flicked it at the card. If I had spritzed my card directly I would have just got tiny dots this way I get the big blobs. Dab the water off with kitchen roll - the longer you leave it on the more colour will be "bleached". Keep doing this until you are happy with the result.

Fab hey! Next I stamped the Amazing Funky Flower in black Archival in ink onto the card and onto a spare piece of card too.

Paint the leaves of the flower on the card in peeled paint. And on the spare add the seedless preserve to the flower heads - I used a scrunched up bit of kitchen roll to do my colouring/distressing.

Next I found a sentiment that fitted into the bottom square and stamped it in black Archival Ink.

Mount this onto a 1cm larger piece of black card and mount onto an A5 base card. Cut out your flower heads out and glue or tape them in place. I used foam tape on mine. I also think I needed to some gems in the flower stamens just to finish it off .

Monday, 22 January 2018

Let's talk Distress Oxides! Part 1.....

We recently ran a couple of quick workshops using Distress Oxides, each card we made, we built on our techniques we had learnt on the last one and I think everyone walked away with 3 stunning cards, but importantly a head full of inspiration, so I thought I would share them on here too...

Fancy hey! But sooo easy to do

First up we are going to look at the tiled card, for this we are going to concentrate on painting and stamping using our Distress Oxides.

Lets begin by cutting a piece of white card slightly larger than your stamp, (I used Funky Flower - Amazing for this one, the saying is from another set - I got them all muddled up lol!). Stamp your image onto the piece of card in Archival Ink.

Onto a glossy surface (I used the back of my stamping block) stamp a little bit of the Distress Oxide I used peeled paint, peacock feathers and fossilzed amber. I painted one colour at a time so I didn't contaminated my ink pads. Next to the stamped ink spritzed a little water (you need the water to allow the ink to move whilst you are painting). Then colour in your image.

Make sure the Distress Oxides are dry then cut the image into four pieces (I was going to do six but the maths got the better of me!).

Mount the pieces on to a piece of black card leaving a small border and gap between the pieces. Trim the piece of black card.

Place the tiled image onto a card and layout where you want the sentiment to be. Remove the tiled image and stamp the sentiment I used peacock feathers to tie in with my flower. Make sure your stamp is clean before you ink it up as the Oxide will pick up any ink from the stamp that is not permanent and dried on! Also be sure to clean your stamp well afterwards.

See I said it was really easy and quick! So why not join me on Wednesday for some more Distress Oxide fun!

Saturday, 20 January 2018


We are back!

As most people will know the last 6 months has been incredibly busy but we really can't complain it keeps us out of trouble and I get to escape to my little crafty haven!

We have a new website where we are currently running a 20% off any stamps offer to celebrate, so if you fancy 20% off any stamp set* or two all you have to do is hop on over to our website pop your stamps in your cart and then before you checkout add NEWWEB2018 where it says promo code it really couldn't be simpler.

* Please note: Monthly Make Kits, subscriptions and stamp only sets are not included in this offer! Offer runs until Friday 26th January 2018.

Anyway with the new website I was hoping to move our blog across there too as it really is letting me do things our previous one didn't, but for all the amazing and wonderfully useful things the website can now do it seems when it comes to blogging you can't really beat blogger, so here we shall stay....

We also have a number of new monthly "clubs" or more like craft-alongs that will be using our Monthly Make sets these are nearly ready to go - I just got a little carried away so things have taken me a little longer to do than planned (isn't that ALWAYS the case lol!). So whilst I get these pesky ducks in a row here's a sneaky look our January's TAG-IT

Monday, 3 July 2017


Wow, what a wonderful weekend!

We got to meet so many lovely people at the Sincerely Yours Show@ the Wirral on Sunday, it was lovely to catch up and chat to sooo many of you! 

The even better news was Mr Roo was back, but on limited duties, which meant I got to lift and shift everything - I have the bruises to prove it! But if that wasn't enough Little Lady and Crafty Nic got to join the party too and we had a lovely day crafting and creating together and chatting about what we were up to!

The three of us spent the whole day working on ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) boy did we make some beauties and more importantly boy did we have fun!

But before I share a couple of our makes, lets have a little chat about ATC's for those of you who don't know ATC's have been around forever in fact they date back to times when people had their portraits painted and Artists would us them as a sample of their work. 

There are a couple of rules which are: a) all ATCs must measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches & b) ATC's are Traded, Swapped, Gifted BUT never sold! And to me that is their beauty, they are a way to share, create and inspire others.

So here's a little inspiration from Little Lady, Nic and I......

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Our wagon's lost a wheel.....

So, where do I begin? 

These last few weeks have been "growing weeks"! As most of you know we are always up to something or off somewhere, as a family we never stop. So, when a wheel falls off our wagon or in this case Mr Roo decided he needed a stay at "La Hotel Hospital" it really does knock us off track! Don't panic Mr Roo will be fine, in about 8-10 weeks time!!!! Oh and a big Thank You to everyone who has messaged/emailed/asked how he is doing it is so lovely of you all!

But, it gets you thinking about how much we all do. And well as much as I don't want to, I have to admit Mr Roo does do his fair share of the graft! He lifts and shifts everything, makes our stamps, helps at school, does more than his fair share of the dance/school run, and probably most importantly he helps look after our little people, our little people who adore him!

So, I have to admit I can' wait for him to get better, but in the meantime I will still attend everything we have booked in the diary, BUT, it will just be me (and anyone else I can rope in to help!).

So here is the perfect journal page for the past few weeks....